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Grow your wealth by investing in real estate with us!

Grow your wealth by investing in real estate with us!

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It all started
with the dream
of two men

And now we already help others in becoming wealthy with real estate. As in other specialist fields, no one starts out as a professional. After we started our operations, we noticed that owning an investment apartment is a distant or even an impossible concept for most investors. This is how Pro-Asunnot was born. From the desire to make real estate investing easier for everyone.

What can you expect from us?


Kick-off meeting

After contacting us, we will arrange a time for a meeting where we will map out your goals in terms of investing. In the initial meeting, we will also find out how much you want to be involved in the operation yourself, or whether investing on a turnkey basis would be more suitable for you.

Target mapping & Investment

After considering your preferences and when you are convinced of our operation, we collect the funds to be invested in the apartment. After finding a target that passes our strict screening process, we invest the money in the target apartment.


Our team monitors the profitability of the investment and reports the data to investors without filtering. Our target manager also immediately responds to changes, for example when the tenant moves, in order to resolve the situation as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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Experiences from those who have invested with us

"I had considered starting real estate investing for a long time, but Pro-Asunnot made it particularly easy to start. I fully recommend them!”
Jonna Satama
"I myself have only been able to watch from the side as the Pro-Asunnot team has done the work for me. I will definitely continue working with them in the future."
Marko Nevala

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Would you like to start investing in real estate, but don’t know where to start? No worries, we’ll help. Call +358 50 5792159 or send an email to info@pro-asunnot.fi, and Atte will contact you to map out your situation!


Atte Takamaa

Chief Operating Officer

+358 50 5792159 I info@pro-asunnot.fi


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